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Extensive Product Range

Having a wide range of Liftec and Novatech spare parts is crucial for companies operating in industries where equipment downtime can result in significant losses. That is why our company's reputation, based on high product availability, is so important to us.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive prices for spare parts from our range are not only based on the low purchase price. Thanks to the highest quality products, savings when using original Novatech and Liftec spare parts are much higher. Ensuring the longevity of components by selecting the best suppliers not only means we have to make purchases less often, but also reduces downtime and the cost of replacement itself. Join the B2B platform and check.

Easy Comparison and Selection

Easily comparing and selecting replacement parts involves creating a user-friendly and efficient system that enables customers to evaluate different options and select the most suitable parts for their needs. This process includes full support on various aspects of the customer journey, from initial browsing through to proper shipping preparation. No matter whether you are looking for a Translifter, Flexmaster or Baastrup trailer, you will always receive full support when choosing the right components.

Fast and Reliable Delivery

Fast and reliable delivery is essential to meet even the most demanding customer expectations. At Novatech and NT Liftec, we prioritize efficient shipping and delivery processes. Our priority is the satisfaction of our contractors. We always focus on the proper preparation of our shipments and the best choice of delivery method. 

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