About NT Group

We develops, manufactures and sells primary transport equipment & solutions for marine, industrial and agro clients of high quality at competitive prices and with reasonable profit to ensure the future development of the group to benefit customers, employees, and owners. The company offers itself as a subcontractor in order to use the capacity in the most appropriate way.

Our brands

Our unrivalled quality and innovation are what assured our long and successful market presence through the years.

Novatech ApS

Novatech ApS was established in Aalborg, Denmark in 1996 as an engineering company, that specializes in transport equipment for the shipping industry, special transport equipment and general industrial products. We aim every day to develop our line of products and provide the best service for our customers. We put a lot of effort into creating and managing our own designs either alone or along with the clients.

Novatech started as an engineering company selling Roll Trailers. However, with time our product portfolio got bigger and we enriched the market with the high-quality products such as Flexmaster, special trailers, cassettes, industrial products etc. We always make sure that our machines use the latest technology in order to offer the most cost-effective solutions for transportation. As we aim to deliver the product which fits the exact needs of our customers, our products can be produced as custom solutions and can be tailored in accordance with your requests


NT Industry

NT Industry is NT Group’s own production facility that was established in Orzesze, Poland in 2003. It functions as a production company, which specializes in designing, engineering and manufacturing. Even though it started as a production facility of Novatech, NT Industry is today a manufacturing and servicing company for Baastrup’s and NT Liftec’s products as well, while constantly expanding the scope of its business.

NT Industry ensures high quality products and customers’ satisfaction by Quality Management System compliant with implemented ISO 9001:2015 standard. Highlighted practices of NT Industry are sustainable development strategy and modernization of infrastructure, optimization of manufacture and automation of production processes.


NT Liftec Oy 

NT Liftec Oy was established in 1991 in Tampere, Finland under the name of Liftec Products Oy. Since October 2017, we have been a part of NT Group, and our name became NT Liftec Oy. We are world leaders within designing and supplies self-loading transportation solutions for ports, terminals and heavy industry. Translifters used for RoRo or industrial operations and on container terminals are the main product of NT Liftec. In addition, the portfolio includes cassette systems and systems for containers, which are used at RoRo and container terminals, in steel mills, for port operations or in heavy, concrete and other industries. As a leading supplier of translifters worldwide, we have always strived to continuously improve and supply the most cost-efficient transportation systems. Besides the high-quality transportation equipment, we are recognized for our professional aftersales service.


Baastrup Vognen

Baastrup Vognen is a Danish producer of agricultural trailers, that became a part of NT Group in 2010. Our long successful history within the agriculture industry is what ensures that today our trailers are the best-selling trailers on the market. We always strive to constantly develop and improve our products, so they fit the needs of our customers in the best possible way. Moreover, a good cooperation with our customers is something we highly value and strive to achieve. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable employees are always ready to offer you technical guidance, support or help with choosing the right product for you and your business.


How we work

When doing business with us, we always make sure the customer is involved in the entire process.

When the correct need is described, we offer the solution we believe can support the customers need.

We will continuously keep in touch with the customer until agreed delivery time.

When the product has been delivered and to achieve optimal commissioning and operation, our team of highly skilled employees will provide assistance at customers’ location.


Reasons to work with us


What we say is what we do

We build our relations on partnership and believe that honesty and integrity are the key to a long-term succes.
We always want to achieve the best possible result as your supplier.



We create our own designs and manage our own development from the initial brainstorming sessions to the final product is being launched. Only by doing this we can also secure best practice and best quality of our production.


Over 30 years of experience

As a market leader within solutions for heavy transportation, we have always prioritized to keep up with the developments in our area. This is why we are also proud to have many loyal both customers, suppliers and collaborators in our business.


A reliable partner

We have a long history of success as a significant part of the transportation systems market. Our specialties include special transport equipment for the shipping industry, agriculture and roll trailers together with industrial products. We are always in progress and always strive to provide new innovative solutions in accordance to our customers’ evaluations.


At NT Group we aim in our field, to be the preferred partner among leading companies in the global market. To be recognized for INNOVATION, FLEXIBILITY and QUALITY at a very high level.


Our history

1996: Novatech ApS was established in Aalborg, Denmark as an engineering company specialized in transport equipment for the shipping and marine industry.

2003: NT Industry, a design, engineering and manufacturing company, was established in Poland. NT Industry, as Novatech’s own production facility, represents the beginning of the expansion of the company.

2010: Baastrup Vognen, Denmark’s largest producer of agricultural trailers, became a part of today’s NT Group. NT Agro, a brand of agricultural trailers was established in Poland.

2017: TTS Liftec Oy, Novatech’s biggest competitor in the translifter market, was taken over by Novatech, becoming NT Liftec Oy. These two companies, as a part of NT Group, are today the biggest producers of Translifters and cassettes worldwide.

2018: NT Service was established.

2019: Full integration of NT Group on the 1st of June.

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